Miss Klamath County - Miss City of Sunshine
Outstanding Teen Scholarship Pageant


An official local preliminary of the Miss America's Outstanding Teen Scholarship Pageant

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(Pageant to be held November 2014)

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To compete in the Miss Klamath County-Miss City of Sunshine Outstanding Teen Scholarship Pageant, a contestant must meet basic eligibility requirements:

Be a resident of Klamath County for at least 6 months prior to the local competition or; be registered as a full-time student within Klamath County. Entrant must maintain the basis for which she claims eligibility throughout the local and state competition.

A contestant must be a minimum of 13 years of age by June 24, 2015.

A contestant may not turn 18 years of age on or before July 31, 2015.

A contestant may not have graduated from high school before July 30, 2015, (except for 16 year olds or younger) who graduated early.

Be a natural born female, never married, never pregnant, not an adoptive parent

Be a United States citizen


This Age/Education Eligibility Chart is for 2014 Local and State Pageants that lead up to the crowning of Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2015 that will be held in August 2015.  This Age/Education Eligibiltiy Chart will be updated annually for the following year's competition, no later than September 30th.

Although additional eligibility rules exist with which contestants must comply, the table below id designed to assist with determining the eligibility for a contestant to compete in a Miss America's Outstanding Teen Local or State Pageant, based upon the Age/Education eligibility rules of the Miss America and Miss America's Outstanding Teen organizations.

Age/Education Chart for Eligibility to Compete in 2014 MAOTeen State/Local Pageants (2)
Age as of
Age as of the
End of the
School Year
Spring 2015
Spring 2015
Age as of
July 31, 2015
Eligible for 2015
Miss State's
Outstanding Teen
Eligible for 2015
Miss State/Local
"Miss" Scholarship
Pageant at Age 17
12 12 N/A 12 (1) No (1) N/A
12 12 N/A 13 (1) Yes (1) No
17 17 Junior 17 Yes No
16 17 Junior 17 Yes No
16 16 Senior (4) 16 Yes No
16 16 Senior (4) 17 Yes No
17 17 Senior (5) 18 No Yes
17 17 Senior (5) 17 No Yes
17 18 Junior 18 No No
18 18 Junior 18 No No

(1) Eligible if the contestant reaches 13 years of age by the first day of the 2015 Miss State's Outstanding Teen Pageant.

(2) This chart represents eligibility based on a potential contestant's Age and Education.  There are other eligibility requirements and rules including:  Residency; Citizenship; Other Personal Characteristics; Contractual and Other Requirements and any special requirements of the Local or State Organization.  Refer to the current MAOTeen Application and Contract for Local and State Pageants for more detailed requirements.

(3) The last day that a Local "Miss" pageant may be conducted in the State.

(4) In this case the contestant could also be a high school graduate or have received her G.E.D.

(5) In this case the contestant must graduate from high school or receive her G.E.D. by the end of the Spring 2014 school year.


Personal Interview (35% of total score)
Contestant participates in a private 10-minute press conference style interview with our panel of 5-7 judges. Contestant will be questioned on her background as presented on her fact sheet, educational & career goals, current events & social issues, interests, extracurricular activities, etc.

Talent (35% of total score)
Contestant performs a 2 minute routine.  Possible talents include singing, dancing, gymnastics, instrumental music, dramatic or comedy monologues, baton twirling, etc.  Any talent that can be presented live on stage will work!  Contact us if you have questions about your particular talent.

On-Stage Personality in Evening Wear(15% of total score)
Contestant appears on stage in an "after five" formal of her own choosing.  Our pageant maintains a rental closet of very contemporary gowns and other competition clothing to rent for a nominal fee to those interested in doing so.

Lifestyle & Fitness in Active Wear (10% of total score)
Contestant appears on stage in a one or two-piece active wear outfit and footwear of her own choosing.

On-Stage Question (5% of total score)
Contestant will respond extemporaneously to one or two questions asked of her on stage.

NOTE:  At the state and national competitions a contestants GPA will also be a part of the evaluation criteria.